Anderson Silva Calls Loss to Michael Bisping "Total Corruption"


Anderson Silva suffered his first ever UFC loss Saturday night in London at the hands of Michael Bisping.

Despite absolutely smashing the Brit’s face into puddle of blood…

the match ultimately went to the cards and the fight was ruled 48-47 in Bisping’s favor.

Listen, I’m no UFC expert so I am certainly not qualified to judge the technicalities and score of an MMA fight — but, as a neutral bystander and fan of the sport: you kinda get a feeling when someone has been ‘had’. Fair or not, this felt that way — and, despite this individual being a tad biased, I’m not the only one who thinks the wrong decision was made:

" “Here’s the deal, you can’t win one way, they try to take it away the other way. That’s it,” Silva said in Portuguese after his first decision loss in the UFC. “You saw how that went, right? So, there’s nothing left to say. I fought for you, and that’s it. Thank you for the support. My family, I’m coming back home, I’m fine. Mission accomplished, mission given, but sometimes it’s like in Brazil, total corruption.” "

“Like in Brazil, total corruption.” YIKES.

The explanation re: how Silva could have possibly lost this fight lies in the UFC’s round-scoring system — similar to boxing — the winner of a round usually records 10 points and the loser receives 9. The consensus reaction from the UFC community is that Bisping won his rounds fair and square, but, the ones Silva won were an absolute massacre, and the (correct) 10-9 round scores do not properly reflect the vicious, brutal beat down he put on his opponent.

Even the rounds Bisping won felt like they were shadowed by Silva just messing around

" These guys are having fun in there! #UFCLondon — #UFCLondon (@UFCEurope) February 27, 2016 "

Before something like this happened…

" HE FRONT KICKED HIM IN THE FACE!! #UFCLondon — UFC (@ufc) February 27, 2016 "

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