An NFL Executive Received the Ray Rice Video from Law Enforcement in April, According to the AP

By Jason Lisk

The cover-up will always get you, and if the AP report coming out now is correct, it could be a game-changer. According to the AP, a law enforcement source who had the video said he sent it to the NFL in April of this year, and played an audio recording from a NFL offices number with a female voice thanking him for providing it and saying “You’re right. It’s terrible.”

The source does not know who viewed it at the NFL offices after it was received.

The law enforcement source says he provided it unsolicited so that the NFL would have it as they decided Rice’s punishment.

While there have been cries for Goodell to resign from outside sources, including some prominent voices at ESPN, the ownership has been squarely behind Goodell and the handling of the Rice situation. We’ll see if that stays, or changes as quickly as Rice went from publicly supported by the Ravens to out on Monday.

[UPDATE: Here is a response from NFL, via Mike Garafolo.]


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