An AFC East Coach Doesn't Think Cam Newton Will Start for the Patriots

Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Everyone knows that the New England Patriots made the brilliant choice to commit highway robbery and secure former NFL MVP Cam Newton as their starting quarterback for 2020 in an effort to fight for a playoff spot. Except either Adam Gase, Brian Flores, or Sean McDermott -- one of whom texted ESPN's Dianna Russini with a theory that Newton was being brought in as a wild-card in a fullhouse backfield.

Well, first and foremost, that is simply not the plan I, a non-coach would follow. If a healthy Newton is on my roster, he will be under center for the first and probably every snap of the year. That would be why we went out and got him. Yet one of three guys said it. They didn't put their name to it, but they said it nonetheless.

The Patriots may, in fact, love Jarrett Stidham. If they were that infatuated, though, would they really bring in Newton as a backup plan? The whole thing seems ... dubious. The only way Newton will be sidelined if his medicals aren't as good as believed.

Time will tell.