Amine's New Album 'Limbo' Is Going to Be Groovy as Hell

Amine /

On Thursday, Amine released the tracklist for his second official studio album, Limbo. I am very, very excited for it. For those new to Amine, you probably know him from his extremely popular single Caroline that blew up in late 2016. After that put him on the map, he came out with an excellent debut album titled Good For Me in 2017. He combines a pop sound with smooth rap bars in a way few had done successfully up to that point.

That's when I first started listening to Amine regularly. His second piece of work was not an album, but rather an El-P/Mixtape/Album titled OnePointFive as a nod to the fact that it wasn't an "official" Amine album and more of an in-between while he worked on his next project. It was a very different sound from Good For Me, filled with trap beats and cacophony rather than the melodic euphony that he found a fan base within.

Which brings us to Limbo, slated to release on August 7. Amine released three singles before announcing the new album: Shimmy, RiRi, and Compensating, which features Young Thug.

Shimmy was a pure single and unrelated to the album, but Compensating and RiRi are on the track list, which means they're more indicative of what the project will sound like as a whole. The only way I can really describe the sound is groovy, man.

It sounds way more like the Amine I grew to enjoy. Don't get me wrong, OnePointFive was excellent and Amine remains one of the better performers I've seen live when he showed out in Boston (yeah, I saw him live, twice, no big deal, it's whatever). But Amine's music is at its best when filled with joyous harmony and singsong chorus rather than grimy, albeit great, beats.

Plus, he landed two incredible features in JID and Vince Staples. The Injury Reserve song will be tough to listen to after Groggs, one of the members of Injury Reserve, passed away last month, but it will be an incredible piece of music if their previous collaborations have proven anything. It's a stacked tracklist and Amine on his own can create memorable work. The collabs only make for a better listen.

Amine is also just a cool dude. He's clearly having the time of his life with his Portland buddies in all of his music videos. He's fun and energetic and makes music that matches with that vibe. If Compensating or RiRi is any indication, Limbo will be the exact same.