Amidst Losses, Are Houston Fans Starting to Get J.J. Watt Fatigue?

Ryan Glasspiegel

This week’s Pigsplosion podcast guest is Sean Pendergast, who does afternoon drive-time radio on SportsRadio 610 in Houston, as well as the Texans’ post-game show. After last week’s debacle against Atlanta, Pendergast went on a bit of a rant about the state of the team. We talked about the issues they’ve had not just at quarterback, but up and down the roster.

At the end, we posed the question of whether Houstonians are starting to get a little bit tired of JJ Watt. On one hand, Watt is the best pass rusher in the league and does seem to really be a genuinely good guy. On the other, he brings a lot of attention upon himself. When combined with the losing, has it become at all grating to see him in every ad? The answer was pretty interesting.

Indianapolis @ Houston (-4.5)

Ryan: Texans
Jason: Colts

Jacksonville @ Tampa Bay (-3)

Ryan: Bucs.
Jason: Bucs

Buffalo (-2.5) @ Tennessee

Ryan: Bills.
Jason: Bills

Cleveland @ Baltimore (-6.5)

Ryan: Browns.
Jason: Browns

Washington @ Atlanta (-7.5)

Ryan: Washington
Jason: Washington

Chicago @ Kansas City (-9.5)

Ryan: Bears
Jason: Chiefs

New Orleans @ Philadelphia (-4.5)

Ryan: Eagles
Jason: Eagles

St. Louis @ Green Bay (-9)

Ryan: Packers
Jason: Rams

Seattle @ Cincinnati (-3)

Ryan: Bengals
Jason: Bengals

Arizona (-2.5) @ Detroit

Ryan: Cardinals
Jason: Lions

New England (-9) @ Dallas

Ryan: Pats
Jason: Cowboys

Denver (-5) @ Oakland

Ryan: Raiders
Jason: Raiders

San Francisco @ NY Giants (-7)

Ryan: 49ers
Jason: 49ers

Pittsburgh @ San Diego (-3)

Ryan: Steelers
Jason: Chargers

Top five picks

Ryan: Bengals, Bills, Patriots, Bears, Cardinals

Jason: Lions, Rams, Browns, Washington, 49ers

Last week: Ryan (9-6, 3-2 Top 5), Jason (6-9, 3-2 Top 5)

Season to Date: Ryan (33-28-1, 10-9-1 Top 5), Jason (37-24-1, 15-5 Top 5)

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