America Needs Adult Ice Cream Trucks That Sell Booze

An ice cream truck.
An ice cream truck. / Noam Galai/Getty Images

Ice cream trucks are basically rolling magic dispensers for kids. You hear that familiar tune which should make any adult recoil out of annoyance, and kids activate. Yesterday we caught up with the ice cream truck as it rolled through our neighborhood and my three-year-old was thrilled to pick a treat from one of the many colorful pictures on the side of the truck.

So why can't adults have that? Why are there not booze trucks that drive around neighborhoods on nice days selling beer, wine and mixed drinks? I'm not even proposing this for nice days. This is a service that should show up every day like the mailman. Rain, sun, sleet, hail, whatever. If it's snowing, Mr. Plow should come through with six-packs and cases for people who aren't going anywhere anytime soon.

This idea seems so obvious that it must exist somewhere. And apparently it does in Texas where a couple months ago a restaurant started delivering frozen cocktails. Goose Island has a beer van in Chicago. Madtree Brewing in Cincinnati had to suspend their new beer truck because of large gatherings. This is obviously an idea that works.

The pandemic has made it clear that Americans need to reconsider the ways in which people can purchase alcohol. Every state has different laws. A mid-sized bar on wheels that drives around from neighborhood to neighborhood in broad daylight just seems like something all legislators could agree on.

The only thing I would worry about is upset children who see an ice cream truck coming and only see mom and dad get a treat. So maybe they should also carrying some ice pops or something just so everyone is happy. Isn't that what really matters?