Routine Package Delivery Turns Into Painful Comedy of Errors For Amazon Driver

Delivery guy takes a spill.
Delivery guy takes a spill. /

Here is a video that perfectly captures America in 2020. Failure, pain, Jeff Bezos making money. It has it all. And it has a message, about getting back up, no matter how bad things look on replay. We could all learn something from this guy.

So to recap, an Amazon driver slips and hurts himself. After bending his legs in ways that Odell Beckham Jr. would commiserate with, he lays down on the customer's porch in pain while he determines that he isn't seriously injured. He then gathers himself, decides he's not at the right door anyway and proceeds to slip on the same spot and falls on his back with someone now watching.

In my opinion, this is the funniest and saddest part of the video. This man is broken. Maybe literally. He tells the viewer he's OK and determines he has the right address. That's when he carefully climbs back onto the porch and proclaims that the broken goods are the customer's problem now. Our hero then gingerly descends the single step and returns to his truck, leaving the absolute worst part of his day for the Internet.

And this is America in 2020. Just a bunch of people falling on their heads over and over while an invisible voice offers thoughts and prayers and we go on pretending we're fine. Meanwhile, people are laughing at us on the Internet.