All the 'Seinfeld' Christmas Episodes


When one thinks about Christmas, they probably don't think about Seinfeld. But the best show in the history of television actually put together a rather prolific lineup of episodes surrounding the holiday during its nine-year run. Obviously, the one thing everyone remembers is Festivus yet there's plenty to reflect on for the rest of us.

The Red Dot, Season 3, Episode 12 (1991)

George Costanza shows off his range by knowingly purchasing a heavily discounted cashmere sweater for Elaine Benes despite it having a red dot on it. He then plays dumb when called out on it, and regifts it to the cleaning lady at his office. With whom he then has sex on desk. Was that wrong? Should he have not done that? Just a classic dirtbag performance by one of the sketchiest dudes to ever do it.

The Pick, Season 4, Episode 12 (1992)

Cosmo Kramer convinces Elaine to let him serve as photographer for her Christmas cards. His quality control proves to be lacking as she misses several buttons and prominently features a finished project with her nipple exposed. The "little round circular protuberance" causes major problems.

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The Race, Season 6, Episode 10 (1994)

Kramer gets hired as a mall Santa for the season, flanked by his helpful elf Mickey. All is going well until he becomes radicalized by Ned, who is communist. It is a trenchant and challenging look at the labor movement and how idealogy can take relationships.

The Gum, Season 7, Episode 10 (1995)

The industrious Lloyd Braun returns from the psychiatric hospital with a promising lead on some gum. Much time is spent at the cinema. Jerry dons Buddy Holly glasses.

The Andrea Doria, Season 8, Episode 10 (1996)

Nothing says holiday spirit like trying to figure out how many people die on normal cruise? George is willing to spin the saddest tale possible for a great apartment, Jerry gets to cosplay as a mailman, and Kramer trusts a veterinarian to a human doctor. All of it is very stupid and great.

The Strike, Season 9, Episode 10 (1997)

Creating a new holiday that people actually celebrate is quite an accomplishment. But Seinfeld did it, thanks to Frank Costanza's epiphany as he rained down blows on an innocent man. When December 23 rolls around it is time for the airing of grievances, the feats of strength, and an inside track on a horse whose mother was a mudder.