It's Been Two Decades Since Ali G Roasted David Beckham and Posh Spice For Comic Relief

Ali G, David and Victoria Beckham.
Ali G, David and Victoria Beckham. / Comic Relief/Getty Images

This March will mark the 20th anniversary of what, in my opinion, is pound for pound, minute for minute, one of the funniest things to ever happen. In 2001, David Beckham and Victoria Beckham were interviewed by Ali G for Comic Relief on Red Nose Day. "Posh and Becks" were at the absolute height of their powers. Mid-twenties, reasonably attractive and incredibly famous. The captain of the English soccer team and a Spice Girl.

And they submitted to a 9 minute roast by Sacha Baron Cohen as Ali G. They just sat there and took it and laughed the entire time. It involved a before unheard of amount of being a good sport as Ali G unloaded on what had to be the richest and most famous celebrity couple in the world at the time.

David Beckham was quiet and the only time he spoke more than a sentence was when he went into athlete talking to the press mode about England having a new manager. Victoria pushed back with her own "that's what she said"-type material, but both were really just there to let Baron Cohen do work.

The jokes and delivery in this clip are flawless. The material was blue and completely inappropriate. Nearly two decades ago he was already pointing out the material was un-PC. If you look at this as a time capsule of the turn of the century, it's crazy to think that he went on to do something funnier and more culturally relevant.

Ali G also had a sit down with Donald Trump in the early 2000's, which Trump walked out on. Trump claims he did it immediately, but Baron Cohen says he was there for about seven minutes.

A few years later, Borat was released. A decade after that Trump became president. Now Borat is back and again going after Trumpworld. And through it all, Posh and Becks have remained happily married. At least there's some comfort in that.