Alfred Morris Asked Santa What He Wants For Christmas, is Least-Selfish Person Ever

Stephen Douglas

He is also humble. Morris still sleeps on the couch when he goes home and drives the same 1991 Mazda 626 he drove in college. He recently did an AMA (ask me anything) on Reddit and became even more of a folk hero by accepting the challenge of a “horse sized Clay Matthews.” During a recent Redskins’ community event Morris, Fred Davis and Logan Paulsen wrote letters to Santa. While Davis and Paulsen asked for world peace and toys, Morris asked Santa what he wanted for Christmas. From DC Sports Bog:

Dear Santa,

I’m writing not to ask for a gift, but to ask you what you want for Christmas? You give every year and it’s your turn to receive, because it’s not always about receiving.


Alfred Morris

Afred Morris is not a real person. He is an ad campaign for the Most Considerate Man in the World. He is a meme – he is Good Guy Greg in shoulder pads, blocking for RGIII – sent here to show us what Tebow would be like with more talent and less hype and pretense. [DC Sports Bog]