Alex Okafor Arrested For Being an Out of Control Pedestrian

By Ty Duffy

Former Longhorn and current Arizona Cardinals LB Alex Okafor was arrested at 2:00 am Monday Morning in Austin, after what inimitable TBL writer Jason Lisk termed a “run and run” incident.

Okafor was running through an intersection and knocked over a drunk man “at a sprints pace.” Police began chasing Okafor after he didn’t stop to help the man. Judging from reports, he broke an officer’s ankles (figuratively) before leading police on a foot race that resulted in him being taken down by three officers.

"Okafor faked left and then darted right proceeding to run southbound across the intersection. At this point, Officer Brian Huckaby arrived to help Staff, and after telling Okafor to stop he collided with the football player, the affidavit says. A third officer then helped to pull Okafor to the ground."

The man Okafor knocked over did not press charges. Thus, Okafor was arrested for evading arrest…and an outstanding warrant…for a previous pedestrian violation citation.

Okafor told police he was in a hurry to get to Aquarium Bar which, you guessed it, is a bar decorated with aquariums.