Alex Laferriere's Family Goes Insane Celebrating Fight in NHL Debut


The 2023-24 NHL season kicked off this week and last night was the home opener for the Los Angeles Kings. They hosted the Colorado Avalanche and quickly found themselves on the ropes as the visiting side went up 3-1 by halfway through the second period. With nine minutes left in the frame, Kings rookie Alex Laferriere had the honor of getting into his team's first fight of the year, squaring up with Logan O'Conner after a roughing penalty sparked a scuffle between the two sides.

Laferriere was drafted in 2020 but last night was his NHL debut and the cameras panned to his family as he fought for the first time on professional ice. They were going absolutely buck-wild. It was incredible.

Such aggressively Hockey Family energy. Anybody who grew up around the rink knows exactly what those people are like. The dad definitely got into multiple verbal spats with unpaid refs growing up. And also volunteered to drive anybody whose parents didn't feel like getting up at 4am to make a 6am puck drop. The duality of hockey parents.

A great moment for everyone involved. Except the other guy getting punched in the face, I guess.