Alex Cora, Boston Red Sox Agree to Part Ways

Ryan Phillips
Alex Cora, Boston Red Sox
Alex Cora, Boston Red Sox / Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

Alex Cora and the Boston Red Sox have "agreed to part ways," which is a nice way of saying the Red Sox essentially fired their manager because he was about to be suspended for a very long time.

Cora was reportedly set to face harsh punishment for the role he played in the Houston Astros' sign-stealing controversy. This move was completely expected after what happened on Monday when Major League Baseball released the findings from its investigation.

The Red Sox and Cora released a joint statement:

During his time in baseball, the 44-year-old Cora has been a part of three World Series champions. He won a title as a player for the Red Sox in 2007, then helped the Astros secure their 2017 title as the team's bench coach. He was hired to manage the Red Sox after that season and led Boston to a championship in 2018.

While this is a significant move by the Red Sox, it's not the end. The team is still being investigated by Major League Baseball for alleged cheating allegations from 2018. That investigation will reportedly continue, even with Cora gone:

Members of the Red Sox World Series team in 2018 anonymously told The Athletic that the team used its video replay room to electronically steal signs during the season.

Cora did win a World Series during his first season with the Red Sox in 2018, but the team fell off significantly in 2019, finishing with a record of 84-78. Boston has been flirting with plans to cut payroll, so dumping their World Series-winning manager likely allows the front office some leeway to rebuild.