Alabama Went After a Local Bakery For Violating Its Trademark With Elephant Cookies

By Ty Duffy
Nov 19, 2013, 5:35 PM EST

Mary’s Cake and Pastries received a cease and desist letter, and a request for documentation of how many $1.75 cookies had been sold so Alabama and CLC could collect damages.

"“How the hell do you put a hologram on a cookie?” Cesar said, referring to the label on CLC merchandise signifying it’s an officially-licensed product. “I didn’t think it applied to temporary baked goods. We’re not talking a permanent image. We’re talking a cookie that’s going to be gone and has a hand-drawn thing on it.”"

Alabama also spent more than $1.4 million on a failed lawsuit against artist Daniel Moore for depicting the Alabama uniform in artwork. The school is still fighting over whether Moore should be reimbursed for around $290,000 in legal fees. Alabama has also been fighting, without a trademark, to assert its control over the houndstooth pattern, because Bear Bryant wore houndstooth.

UPDATE: The University apologized after the news became public.