Adrian Peterson Found $1.9 Million Child Support Claim Unreasonable Per TMZ


TMZ Sports is reporting a woman claiming to be pregnant with Adrian Peterson’s child sought $1.9 million in child support, over 18 years. Here is the breakdown.

  • Monthly support — $6,000 for 216 months ($1,296,000)
  • Pre and postnatal costs — $30,000
  • Health insurance costs — $1,000 per month for 216 months ($216k)
  • Private school — average of $30k for 13 years ($325k)
  • Uninsured health care costs including mental health costs for the child — $3k per year
  • Attorney’s fees — $60,000

Per TMZ Peterson “will gladly agree to reasonable support” if the child is found to be his. Peterson’s wife is pregnant with his eighth child. If verified, this would be his ninth. This will put him past Shawn Kemp. Having turned 30 in March, he still has ample time left to catch Antonio Cromartie.

This should not affect Peterson’s fantasy draft status, though a natural decline through aging might.