Adnan Virk Mocks ESPN For Excessive NFL Coverage, Jokes About Costing Himself His Career

By Jason McIntyre

Adnan Virk, filling in for Keith Olbermann today on the Olbermann show, had probably his finest moment at ESPN while mocking the network for shoving the NFL down everyone’s throats. If the video above doesn’t start at 2:10, fast-forward there:

"“If this company would let me talk about tennis for five minutes, rather than the NFL, as we’re mandated to do so, trust me, I would wax poetic about the greatness of [Roger Federer].’"

Then Virk talked about tennis for another :30 before tapping his ear piece.

"“Wait, what was that? Oh, too much tennis talk? Oh, geez. Back to football. Almost cost myself my career there.”"

Extremely well done. [H/T: Stuckey]

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