Adam Vinatieri Finally Looks Finished


Adam Vinatieri may finally be done. The 46-year-old missed two extra points in the Indianapolis Colts Week 2 game against the Titans. In Week 1 he missed another extra point to go along with 2 missed field goals in a game the Colts lost in overtime.

Vinatieri won three Super Bowls in 10 seasons with the Patriots before going to Indianapolis, where he has kicked since 2006. He added another ring that season and has been steadily scoring ever since. Whenever Vinatieri retires, he’ll do it as the NFL’s All-Time leading scorer.

The question is, how many kicks would Adam Vinatieri have to miss to realistically be in danger of getting cut? And how many teams would be happy to take a chance on the future Hall of Famer compared to the bad kicker they are already trotting out on Sundays? It’s bad right now, but it would probably have to get much worse for Vinatieri to do something besides walk away on his own terms. Until he misses a big kick in the playoffs, somebody is still going to trust him.

UPDATE: Maybe Vinatieri will end things on his own terms. Or maybe it was just an awkward exchange in passing.