Adam Thielen Attempts to Clarify Lambeau Field Slander

Adam Thielen
Adam Thielen / Stacy Revere/Getty Images

Adam Thielen ended up in the crosshairs of the Packers' faithful and passionate fans of football history alike this weekend. He appeared on a podcast and said there was "nothing fancy" about Lambeau Field while laughing about the fact that it's filled with bleacher seats.

Neither of those things are false. Lambeau Field is indeed a pretty simple setup compared to some of the metal monstrosities that dominate the NFL stadium game like Thielen's own in Minnesota. Lambeau Field is famous at this point for still having steel bleachers instead of regular seats like a modern NFL franchise. Thielen didn't seem like he meant anything by it, but Packers fans are a sensitive bunch about Lambeau, especially right now as the organization is embroiled in a dispute with their superstar quarterback.

Thielen appeared on the Pat McAfee Show on Monday and attempted to clarify what he meant. He established that he loved playing at Lambeau Field, first and foremost. It's one of his favorites, in fact. He also complimented a few other aspects of playing there but ultimately stood by his comments.

It was an amusing tidbit to learn that even Thielen's wife was shocked and horrified that he spoke ill of football's most famous stadium.

I doubt this will save Thielen from any boos when he shows up at Lambeau in 2021, though. He said what he said and opposing fans have long memories. But it sounds like he appreciates it when fans do things like pour beer on him during a Lambeau Leap, so he should have the time of his life next year.