Adam Schefter Topless and Blinged Out Like Kirk Cousins on 'Monday Night Countdown'


Kirk Cousins took off his shirt and put on some chains to celebrate the Minnesota Vikings' win over the Washington Commanders on Sunday. Cousins was having the time of his life on the flight home after the Vikings improved to 7-1 on the season. What no one could be prepared for was ESPN's Adam Schefter recreating that viral moment on Monday Night Countdown.

This is certainly a side of Schefter that we have never seen before. If you were asked which ESPN employee was going to take his shirt off and shimmy while co-workers shouted "YOU LIKE THAT?" live on national television, how long would it have taken you to come up with Schefter?

UPDATE: And here's a gif.

Cousins was a guest on the Eli and Peyton ManningCast and was asked about both the original video and Adam Schefter's version.