Adam Schefter Says NFL Equates Tom Brady Infraction to PED Use


Tom Brady, pre inevitable appeal, got suspended four games for his apparent role in deflategate (and, probably more significantly, for ostensibly not cooperating with Ted Wells’ investigation). Because the NFL has been so haphazard in doling out punishment, there are any number of other suspensions that don’t make that much sense from a contextual perspective — for example, Plaxico Burress shooting himself and going to jail.

Another comparable suspension is for performance enhancing drugs, which are banned because a) many are against the law, b) football is a sport incumbent on beating the physical crap out of your opponent, and c) taking them gives you an unfair advantage over competitors, who then must choose whether to also take body-harming substances to keep up with the Joneses.

According to Adam Schefter, who just talked for about a half-hour straight on SportsCenter, somebody from the NFL told him that ballghazi was akin to PEDs for Roger Goodell and others in the league office.

How do you, the dear reader, feel about that analogy?

PS – Why does ESPN run celebrity tweets in moments like this? Who really cares what Magic Johnson has to say about the Pats?