Numbers Don't Back Up Adam Schefter's Tweet About NFL Revenue Split and Other Leagues [UPDATE]

NFL Pro Bowl
NFL Pro Bowl / Mark Brown/Getty Images

Wednesday morning brought a flurry of new information regarding the CBA negotiations between NFL owners and the NFLPA. The team representatives came to an agreement with the owners on a new Collective Bargaining Agreement that players will vote to ratify in the upcoming weeks.

Amidst all that information, Adam Schefter tweeted out that the players could eventually receive more than 48.5 percent of the league's revenue in the new agreement, and said that would be the highest player share of revenue across the major American sports.

But that's not quite the case. Or even close, really. Michael Ginnitti, owner of Spotrac, tweeted out that all three of the NBA, NHL, and MLB give more revenue to the players than the NFL's newest deal could.

So, yeah, this isn't quite as generous as owners want the players to believe. But the NFL is king among their fellow leagues, and it's safe to assume that there's more money to go around when it comes to their revenue against the NBA or MLB. Then again, there are more players in the NFL than in any of these other sports, so it goes both ways.

Regardless, it seems Schefter missed the mark here.

UPDATE: Schefter tweeted out the following explanation for his previous tweet: