Adam Schefter Suggests NFL Might Get Weird Solving AFC Playoff Issues


At this point it feels like a foregone conclusion that the Buffalo Bills-Cincinnati Bengals game will not be replayed. It is the right decision for all sorts of reasons, but it does leave the NFL in a bit of a bind in regards to how the AFC playoff picture will shake out. If the game is not replayed, the league can declare it either a no contest or a tie. Because the Bills, Bengals, and Kansas City Chiefs are all pretty much neck-and-neck for the top three seeds in the conference, both options come with difficulties that will make someone unhappy.

If the NFL goes with the no-contest option, the Bills and Bengals will have played one less game than the Chiefs. If they go the tie route then everyone will have the same amount of games played but Bills and Bengals people may feel it is unfair to be punished seeding-wise by calling it a tie. Either way someone is going to come out of this unhappy and it is up to Roger Goodell to make the tough call.

Adam Schefter was on ESPN today breaking down potential options the league could pursue and threw out some curveballs. Like giving the No. 1 seed the choice between a bye and homefield advantage with the No. 2 seed getting whichever is left over. Or hosting the AFC Championship Game at a neutral site field.

No solution is going to make anybody happy so points for creativity as far as considering all options, I guess. Calling it a tie and just moving on seems to be the easiest decision. It is probably the right one. People will complain no matter what happens.

No matter what route they choose it's better to just rip the band-aid off so the NFL just needs to get this over with. If only to save Schefter from reading long notes off his phone while on camera.