Adam Schefter Now Breaking Extremely Inconsequential NBA News Too

Adam Schefter
Adam Schefter / Wesley Hitt/GettyImages

Adam Schefter, ESPN's top NFL news-breaker, has dipped toes in a few different pools this week. On Monday, he broke that Papa John's had a football pizza. Then he reported on the significant movement in the NFL over the next few days as teams were forced to cut up to 25 players at a time. Then, on Wednesday, Schefter stole some of Adrian Wojnarowski's spotlight by breaking into the NBA realm.

Yes, Schefter, for reasons unclear, reported that NBA journeyman Jerome Robinson was signing with the Golden State Warriors.

Hmm. Very odd. Sometimes insiders like to break the fourth wall and steal scoops from different sports, usually poking fun at their counterparts in the process. But rarely do we see a basic transaction like this end up in the hands of an NFL insider. It would be like Woj breaking that the Patriots signed an UDFA from BYU.

Let's all put on our Brian Windhorst hats.

Why would Schefter feel inspired to tweet this out after the information crossed his desk? He, as far as we are all aware, does not have a favorite NBA team so it's not like he broke some exciting info about his Warriors. Jerome Robinson went to Boston College, to which Schefter has no affiliation. To even call the move inconsequential might be generous. Robinson was a lottery pick back in 2018 but has done absolutely nothing since. It is barely more than a blip on the radar for diehard NBA fans much less the types of sports fans that largely make up Schefter's Twitter following.

Robinson is, however, represented by Aaron Mintz of CAA. Schefter is listed on the CAA Speakers website and is available to be booked. Perhaps that's all this is -- doing CAA a solid. And why not, I guess. It comes at no cost to Schefter other than the occasional oddball article like this read by fellow media nerds who clock it as strange but don't do much else.

So, in conclusion: Jerome Robinson to the Dubs, per Adam Schefter.