Adam Schefter is the Gordon Gekko of Fantasy Football

Adam Schefter is all smiles.
Adam Schefter is all smiles. / Mike McGregor/Getty Images

Playing against Adam Schefter in fantasy football would suck. Not only does the ESPN insider know teams and players inside and out, but he also has a huge advantage on the waiver wire. That's just how it goes when the majority of breaking news filters through one of your multiple cell phones before being distributed to the general population.

It appears Schefter used that edge to his advantage with the latest Antonio Brown news. Hours before Schefter officially broke the news that Brown is expected to be reinstated by the NFL and the Seahawks were among the teams interested in signing him, Schefter picked up Brown on the waiver wire in his ESPN fantasy football league.

That's some Gordon Gekko Wall Street level of insider trading right there. Shout out ESPN VP of Production Seth Markman for playing the role of Securities and Exchange Commission and holding Schefter accountable.

First of all, Per Sources is a perfect name for Schefter's team. Second, who is The MassholeBecks and Wrong Chair? That's a story unto itself.

As for this bit of felonious waiver wire movement, as you can see, Schefter made the move between 12:13 p.m. and 2:22 p.m. (you can't see the exact time because it's obscured, but it's definitely 1 something p.m.). Schefter's tweet about Brown came at 4 p.m.

Insert eyes emoji and monocle emoji here.

I would say Schefter was waiting on the ESPN graphics department to put together the photo that accompanied his tweet, but let's be honest, that probably took an intern five minutes to create. More likely, Schefter got the initial report and wanted to verify or expand what he heard first before reporting it. You can question Schefter's integrity in fantasy football, but you can't question it as a journalist.

One thing is certain: Money never sleeps and neither does Schefter.