Adam Carolla Says Bill Simmons Will Talk a Bunch of [Poop] When His ESPN Contract Ends

Ryan Glasspiegel

On his podcast today, Adam Carolla began by discussing his recent dinner with Bill Simmons, Cousin Sal, Jimmy Kimmel, their agent James “Babydoll” Dixon — who also reps Jon Stewart — and Daniel from the Man Show. Whenever this group goes out with Dixon, it becomes a big game to see how high they can run up the tab for him (I’ve heard Cousin Sal talk about this a couple times before).

On this occasion, Carolla said they were ordering $200+ bottles of pink champagne for strangers at neighboring tables, in addition to who-knows-what they were consuming themselves. Apparently another aspect of the competition is to estimate what the final bill will be. Carolla said Simmons came the closest, calibrating his guess within $4 of the final $2,083 tab.

As an aside in that anecdote, Carolla said: “By the way, he says whenever his contract is up with ESPN, he’s gonna come on this show and talk a bunch of shit — so I think in September we can look forward to that.”

Those with a vested interest in TBL’s traffic meter really wish that Simmons’ contract was set to expire in August when there’s no football — or much of anything else — to pad our stats.

UPDATE: Carolla clarified these remarks.

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