Actually, It's Obvious Will Cain Was In on High Noon April Fools' Joke


High Noon did a fun April Fools’ Day bit on Monday where they opened with Pablo Torre and Will Cain for nearly 40 seconds before Bomani Jones popped up and told the purported guest host that actually his services were not needed that day. It was creative, well-executed and funny, standing out as such in a day full of corniness.

What it was not, however, was a shoot on Will Cain. This was a fact that was lost on Deadspin and For The Win, which both appeared to think it was real. Deadspin called Cain “salty” and “visibly unhappy” while For The Win wrote that he “seemed awfully upset”. Awful Announcing said Cain was “clearly unhappy” but did have an acknowledgement that it could all be a work.

The obvious tell that it was staged was that it’s hard to believe Will would not have seen Bomani there. Bomani pops up at the 38-second mark. Unless this was some Harry Potter magic or there’s a trap door on the High Noon just in case this type of opportunity ever arose, there’s not exactly anywhere Bomani could’ve been hiding.