Aaron Rodgers vs. Colin Cowherd


To: Cowherd, Colin
From: Cortes, Ryan
re: Aaron Rodgers

For months and months I’ve listened to you desecrate Aaron Rodgers on every platform you so undeservedly possess. For months and months you’ve managed to utter sentence after sentence, each more ridiculous than the next, telling anyone who cares to listen that Rodgers doesn’t have “it.” That Rodgers lacks some sort of intestinal fortitude not lacked by Mark Sanchez and Matt Hasselbeck, because, well you know, they’ve won playoff games.

“I went into the ESPN research department and looked in the Aaron Rodgers playoff file,” you began, on January 7th on SportsNation. “Know what I found? A bagel. No playoff wins.”

Nevermind the stupidity of your argument – the lack of vision is stunning. It’s the ultimate ‘point to the scoreboard’ to not just end your arguments, but to engulf them entirely. You said you’d rather have Mark Sanchez. At least Sanchez doesn’t fold in the big moments, you said. Except that, well, the last three weeks for Rodgers have ALL been playoff games. And he kinda won. All three of them, buddy.

“The great Aaron Rodgers, the guy I’ve been lectured on for 5 years as the next Tom Brady, and now we’re 1 week away from one-and-done for him. Again.” – Cowherd, January 2nd 2010.

This wasn’t Rodgers’ first playoff game, nor was it his best performance. Against the Cardinals last year, in his first playoff game, on the road, the time where all the quarterbacks who don’t have “it” shrink – at least according to the Cowherd School of Dumbassery – Rodgers did not. He put up 45 points, 422 yards passing, and four touchdowns. It’s also his fault his defense gave up 51 points. If Mark Sanchez were on the field, magically he would have punched Kurt Warner in the groin, mid-pass, and made damn sure his defense didn’t allow 51 points.

“You know who Tony Romo is? He’s Aaron Rodgers. He’s Matt Schaub, where fantasy football fans are much bigger fans than I am. Tony Romo is Aaron Rodgers.” – Cowherd, January 8th 2010

The incredible performance was lost upon you. It turned into ‘not only hasn’t Rodgers won a playoff game, he can’t.’ Rodgers was good on Sunday vs the Eagles (18-27 for 180 yards and 3 touchdowns), but it sure as hell wasn’t 422 yards good. More importantly, Rodgers is a playoff winner. He went on the road, against your second favorite coach in the league and beat them.

“I have a card full of great stats. He’s Mr.Stats. Win a playoff game.” – Cowherd on Rodgers.

All season, you’ve said not only hasn’t Rodgers ever won a playoff game, but that you’d rather have Mark Sanchez and Ben Roethlisberger and Matt Ryan. Next week, Rodgers gets to play your beloved Matt Ryan.

And so, Colin, to you, I say:

Matt Ryan? Matty Ice? Mr. 19-1 at home? No playoff wins. Win a playoff game.