Aaron Rodgers Sounds Dismayed His QB Coach Alex Van Pelt Was Let Go Without Consultation

Ryan Glasspiegel

Aaron Rodgers joined Golic and Wingo this morning, and there was a line in the interview that could be construed jusssssstttt a little bit concerning for Packers fans who are hoping that Rodgers inks a blockbuster contract extension this offseason.

Wingo began by asking if everything is good with his health, after suffering a broken collarbone this season. Rodgers said he’s feeling good, and that he’s swinging a golf club without issue. Eventually Rodgers was asked how close the Packers are to returning to competing for Super Bowl

He said the Packers aren’t too far away from returning to championship contention, and that the team is in the process of rebuilding its defense with a new coordinator in Mike Pettine. He also noted that there’s also a new coordinator on offense, with Joe Philbin returning. But then he said a couple of the changes were a little curious.

Wingo brought that up again later as a follow-up, and Rodgers said, “My quarterback coach [Alex Van Pelt] didn’t get retained. I thought that was an interesting change, really without consulting me. There’s a close connection between quarterback and quarterback coach, and that was an interesting decision.”

I guess we’ll have to see if Rodgers is dismayed enough about that decision, and the lack of communication — perhaps the Packers knew how he’d react, and therefore made that decision accordingly? — inhibits contract extension talks.

[H/T Wilde and Tauscher]