Mike Tannenbaum Blasts Aaron Rodgers For Being Selfish on 'Get Up'

Aaron Rodgers
Aaron Rodgers / Quinn Harris/GettyImages

It is now March and Aaron Rodgers has not yet indicated what his desires are in regards to playing next season for the Green Bay Packers. Recent reports suggest Rodgers has been working with the team on a contract extension of sorts in case he does want to come back, but nothing concrete has been put out there. Not by Rodgers (via the Pat McAfee Show or otherwise) and not by any of the various reliable NFL reporters who have been on this beat for a year now. We know nothing.

Mike Tannenbaum is of the opinion that we know nothing because Rodgers is yanking everyone around. He argued on Get Up this morning that Rodgers has known what he's wanted to do all offseason and just hasn't told anybody yet because he's "selfish."

I suppose it is possible that Rodgers made his decision two months ago. But if he were as selfish as Tannenbaum is arguing, he'd want to let the Packers know what he's doing immediately because it is the most advantageous to him and him alone. If he wanted to leave, it would be in his best interest to tell Green Bay ASAP so he ends up in the best possible spot instead of telling them last-minute and forcing a trade he has no influence over. If he wanted to stay, it would be in his best interest to tell the Packers that so they'll act accordingly by keeping all the guys Tannenbaum listed in the above segment.

All that is undeniably true, which leaves us two options. Either Rodgers has not made his decision yet or he has but is keeping the Packers in the dark because he's petty. Both are believable, albeit the former far more than the latter. But it's hard to see how selfish enters the equation.