Aaron Rodgers Says that He Does Pre-Snap Smoking Gesture in Tribute to Jay Cutler


Aaron Rodgers did his weekly radio spot with ESPN Wisconsin’s Jason Wilde this afternoon. As is tradition, the pair finished with the “Ask Aaron” segment where Rodgers answers questions that were mailed tweeted in by callers. One wanted the Packers quarterback to give away trade secrets (audio snippet below):

Wilde: Jeremy asks: “What is that pre-snap signal where you look like you’re smoking? Is that a smoke route, or is that an indicator of two highsafeties? Tony asks, “How do you keep from laughing with some of the hand gestures you do in the no-huddle?”

Rodgers: That was just a tribute to Jay Cutler, because there’s that ‘Smoking Jay’ web site. So I was just doing a tribute to him …

Wilde: I think you’re making that up.

Rodgers:  I don’t remember.

Wilde: You’ve done it a lot of times, though. There’s people that use it as their Twitter avatar.

Rodgers: It’s a dummy signal. That’s the whole thing. You know, like, smoking dope — you’re a dummy if you smoke dope.

Though Rodgers and Cutler are good friends, it was pretty evident that both of 12’s answers were blatant lies. As you can see from the photo up-top, he was doing it last week against the Jets, and the smoke signals date back to at least last season. For now, the meaning behind them shall remain shrouded in mystery.