Aaron Rodgers Destroys Losers Who Live In Their Parents' Basements


It was another Aaron Rodgers Tuesday on the Pat McAfee Show and there was plenty discuss. We learned that his miraculous return to the New York Jets this season will only happen if he is medically cleared to play and if the team has a chance to make the playoffs. Considering that Gang Green is currently seeded 15th out of 16 AFC teams, it seems highly unlikely that he'll be out on that field again before next year. But hey, strange things happen and one doubts Tim Boyle at their own peril.

The gang also dove into a conspiracy theory that we honestly thought was more of a joke than anything serious — the notion that Rodgers didn't really tear his Achilles as was reported.

"Let me just say to anybody out there who doesn't think that I tore my Achilles: G-F-Y," Rodgers said. "The first word is "go" and the last word is "yourself." The middle is probably what you're not doing living in your parents' basement."

Zing. So many people are down bad right now, living rent-free in their subterranean lairs, desperate for mom to heat up a fresh batch of pizza rolls to dull the pain. We just don't hear people joking about losers living in their parents' basement enough anymore. It's weird. When they were ubiquitous we sort of hated them but now that they've gone out of style, absence has made the heart grow fonder. Kudos to Rodgers and Al Michaels for doing their part to keep them alive.

Rodgers' stern message is a good reminder that while it's imperative to do your own research, those with familiarity about the medical issue at hand should be taken at their word. There are certain lines a person just cannot cross.