Aaron Rodgers' Time in Green Bay is Officially On The Clock

Jordan Love
Jordan Love / Handout/Getty Images

The Green Bay Packers picked Utah State quarterback Jordan Love with the 26th pick in the 2020 NFL Draft. The Packers traded up to select Love in a selection that should remind everyone of the Packers picking Aaron Rodgers in 2005, when Brett Favre was around the same age. You have to wonder how Rodgers feels about being on the other end of this situation.

The real winner here is Jordan Love, who goes to a real team and won't be forced to start before he's ready. It's bad news for Aaron Rodgers, who is now on the clock as the Packers' starting quarterback. Though Rodgers does know that he sat for three years behind Favre, who got a chance to take the Packers to an NFC Championship Game in 2007. And then Favre left and played three more seasons.

Who knows what will happen with Rodgers and the Packers going forward. It's just kind of crazy how this works out. Favre was the starter for 13 years before Rodgers was drafted. Rodgers was the starter for 12 years before Love was drafted. It leaves one to wonder which current preteen the Packers will select with a first-round pick in 2031 to replace Jordan Love.