James Jones Calls Out Packers to Fix Relationship With Aaron Rodgers

James Jones, Aaron Rodgers and Randall Cobb
James Jones, Aaron Rodgers and Randall Cobb / Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

James Jones has unexpectedly emerged from the woodwork to become an active player in the Aaron Rodgers-Green Bay Packers debacle. The former Packers receiver spoke to Colin Cowherd last week, in the process giving us the most extensive explanation of Rodgers' beef with the franchise to date. Then, last night, he appeared on NFL Network to discuss the "complicated fella" comments made by Packers president Mark Murphy in reference to Rodgers and the whole situation.

Jones could not disagree with Murphy more. Rodgers is not at all complicated, but the dispute between himself and the team is certainly complicated. But, Jones argues, when a relationship exists between player and team, it's really not that complicated at all, so they need to sit down and figure it out.

It is worth listening to what Jones has to say because he says he maintains an active relationship with his former QB and has spoken to Rodgers during this whole thing. That's how he was able to verbalize what Rodgers' problems are in a way no other source of information has been able to. So even if he isn't giving us any inside knowledge in this particular appearance, reading between the lines is a worthwhile exercise.

In the spirit of that, Jones is rather adamant that Murphy calling Rodgers complicated isn't the match onto the hay stack that everyone believes it is. But he's equally as adamant that there's not really anything complicated about all this and the Packers just need to get together with Rodgers and fix things. This is the second time he's used that sort of terminology to call on Green Bay to resolve these problems.

What Jones is suggesting is both simple and complicated, the word of the day. Sitting down with Rodgers and fixing things sounds easy but it should all be over and done with by now if it was. Several members of the Packers brass have already flown out to meet with Rodgers personally since this all went down and he remains unhappy. Jones is still in the media, telling Green Bay to get together with the reigning MVP.

Whatever the true situation is here, Rodgers now has Jones applying pressure through the media, intentionally or otherwise. Time will tell if it makes a difference.