If You Click Aaron Rodgers' Butt You Can See David Bakhtiari Is Tagged, What Does It All Mean?

Stacy Revere/GettyImages

The New York Jets' season simply cannot begin soon enough because the coverage is a straight-up challenge, bordering on the absurd and it's going to be great to see how all of these lofty expectations and bold predictions hold up.

This morning Get Up called our attention to Aaron Rodgers' Instagram stories, which yesterday featured a post about loving his wide receivers who wear No. 17. He tagged Davante Adams. He tagged Garrett Wilson. And if you hover your clicker over Rodgers' butt — if that's something you're into — you will discover he also tagged his former left tackle David Bakhtiari.

It could be a rear end joke or it could mean something. Harry Douglas believes it's the latter.

"He is not going to send a message like that without a real meaning into it," Douglas said.

The Jets could use some help on the offensive line and Rodgers and Bahktiari have chugged beers before. Add those together and you get one eyeball emoji. Dan Orlovsky wasn't quite as convinced but said New York should make the move if they can, in fact, get someone who has proven to be good at protecting Rodgers' backside into the mix.

Maybe Douglas is right. But Rodgers seems exactly like the type of person who would send a message like that without a real meaning to it. He's a bit of a wildcard, not an open book and everything is intentionally steeped in mystery.

Mid-August, baby. You simply have to love it.