The Aaron Rodgers Kool-Aid is Strong and People Are Drinking It Up at Record Speed

New York Jets Offseason Workout
New York Jets Offseason Workout / Elsa/GettyImages

The Aaron Rodgers era in New York is off to a great start. Maybe even the best start of anything ever. We're three days into organized team activities and Rodgers has already completely changed the entire culture of the New York Jets franchise. Just look at the boxes Rodgers has the team checking already according to ESPN's Dianna Russini, who may or may not have lost Aaron Rodgers' number by now.

Standards? Raised.
Details? Significant.
Everyone? Accountable.
Rodgers? All-in.
Trust? Building.

And it doesn't stop there. Russini tweeted later that day that Rodgers now runs the team and the Jets are "fine with it because it's working."

Folks, it is May. We haven't even started training camp, but it's been so long since the Jets had a quarterback who could lead team stretches in an organized fashion that people are already freaking out. Just listen to what Dan Orlovsky had to say about the Jets on Get Up this morning.

"I've never seen this Aaron Rodgers before. And I've seen him since the moment that we came into the NFL together. One, the refreshed, the energized, the excited and happy while also having the chip on the shoulder. Now maybe the chip on the shoulder isn't being outwardly expressed as much in May as we potentially could see in September and October, but it is absolutely there. He got run out of town in Green Bay, but now he's got that chip on his shoulder that I'm going to prove everybody wrong in that I'm still the baddest dude on the planet. While also being excited about where he is and who he's doing it with, his offensive coordinator, Nathanial Hackett. And I think the Jets are in this very unique space. There's two teams that I think are the most equipped to beat Kansas City. Because that's what this season is about. One is Buffalo. Everyone keeps sleeping on Buffalo. And then the two are the New York Jets. Those are one-two to go knock off Kansas City and get back to the Super Bowl."

This was based on two days of OTAs. We're two months from training camp. Three months from an actual game. Can you imagine what the narrative will be if the Jets beat the Bills in Week 1?

Jets hype aside, I can't decide which thing Orlovsky mentioned in passing is crazier - that Rodgers was run out of Green Bay or that "everyone keeps sleeping on Buffalo." If anyone is sleeping on the Bills right now that's because it's May and there's no need to discuss actual, perennial contenders yet.