Aaron Rodgers Shocks Bill Maher With Concept of Work Schedules, NFL Team Meetings


Aaron Rodgers is on the latest episode of Bill Maher's podcast, Club Random, and today Sports Illustrated posted a video of it thanks to some sort of partnership with Men's Journal. And what a clip it is. Rodgers, while talking about how he enjoys the freedom of the offseason, mentions that during the season his time is mapped out "to the minute," for six months. Eventually, Maher comes asks, "What do you mean 'to the minute?'" This prompts Rodgers to explain the concept of a schedule for NFL players.

"This is set by the team for you? By the team? They can't really make... and you, you obviously are okay with that?"

Rodgers confirmed his suspicion and admitted that actually having a schedule can be good. Maher still seemed dubious.

"I would think that at this point the team would trust you a little more than that."

This is just amazing to me. Rodgers was literally just talking about how he has a schedule at work that included meetings, which has to be something many people can understand, but that's not how things work at Club Random apparently. Tom Coughlin would not like it there.

If you are unfamiliar, as I was, according to Men's Journal, Maher "rewrites the rules of podcasting" with "one on one hour long conversations" with guests in "the undisclosed location called Club Random." Interviewing someone for a podcast and learning about meetings. This is truly groundbreaking stuff. And the fact that they're doing it without a clock is even more impressive.