Aaron Rodgers Pulled a Babe Ruth on Long Touchdown Pass to Allen Lazard

Aaron Rodgers calling his shot.
Aaron Rodgers calling his shot. / Dylan Buell/Getty Images

So the legend goes that in Game 3 of the 1932 World Series, George Herman "Babe" Ruth pointed to the centerfield wall at Wrigley Field seconds before uncorking a 440-foot home run that landed over said centerfield wall. The dinger was his second of the day and gave the Yankees a lead they wouldn't relinquish. They won the World Series the next day.

The legend of that moment has grown over the years and grainy film taken from that moment appears to confirm Ruth pointed at something before his home run. Whether he was pointing at the Cubs' heckling bench, the pitcher or centerfield has long been debated. What can't be debated, because we have clear video of it, is Aaron Rodgers called his shot against the Rams last weekend.

In the moments before Rodgers connected with Allen Lazard on a 58-yard score in the fourth quarter that extended their lead from seven to 14, Rodgers called Lazard's name and then pointed to the Rams' coverage. The moment proved prophetic as Lazard sliced through the area where Rodgers pointed toward on his way to the end zone.

While not quite as hard as calling a home run in the World Series, that is a demonstration of Rodgers' brilliance. He knew the coverage the Rams were running and he knew the play call the Packers had was the perfect answer for it. He let Lazard know the ball was coming his way and then threw a perfect strike that ensured a win for the Packers.

This likely won't go down in the annals of sports history like Ruth's homer in the World Series. But rest assured if Rodgers does something like this in the Super Bowl everyone will remember it. If he does, don't forget it wasn't the first time he called his shot.