Aaron Hernandez: Odin Lloyd "Spilled the Beans" About the 2012 Double Murder Before He Was Killed

By Jason Lisk

A new warrant was released to the Hartford Courant, related to the investigation of Aaron Hernandez for the 2012 double homicide. The warrant was sought to search the phone records of prison phone calls made by Alexander Bradley while in prison last fall. Bradley, by the way, is the same person that filed a civil suit against Aaron Hernandez after Hernandez allegedly shot him in Florida last spring. Bradley was also the driver in a high speed chase right after last year’s AFC Championship game, when Hernandez was a passenger and told the police, “Trooper, I’m Aaron Hernandez, It’s Okay.”

The warrant details how the investigation into Aaron Hernandez’ involvement into the unsolved 2012 double homicide of Daniel Abreu and Safiro Furtado began.

"Sharif Hashem, a security supervisor at Rumor, phoned North Attleborough police on June 22 and claimed to have information that the Lloyd shooting and the Boston double homicide were related, according to the warrant released Tuesday. He told authorities a patron of Rumor nightclub “accidentally spilled the beans in front of me.”"

That was the night that Odin Lloyd was at a night club with Aaron Hernandez. That then led a police investigator to remember seeing Hernandez on surveillance tape of the night club (Cure lounge) where Abreu and Furtado were, right before they were shot. That in turn, led them to finding the murder weapon and impounding the silver SUV tied to Hernandez and that second murder.

No charges have been filed against Hernandez as of yet, in regard to the separate 2012 double homicide. This, though, explains why police began suspecting his involvement.

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