Aaron Hernandez: A 2010 Draft Profile Said He "Enjoys Living on the Edge of Acceptable Behavior"

By Jason Lisk

Aaron Hernandez, now charged with first degree murder, was a top prospect at tight end who fell to the fourth round in the 2010 draft (and off many team boards) because of concerns over his off-the-field behavior. A confidential psychological profile prepared before the draft by Human Resource Tactics (HRT), who have 18 team clients in the NFL, was obtained by the Wall Street Journal.

The details show why Hernandez was such a divisive pick. He rated very highly in several areas related to receiving coaching and his focus on the football field. He was given high ratings for work ethic, dedication, and self-confidence. “Hernandez sees himself as a football player above all else” and “will place a high priority on football and what it takes to be successful.”

However, he got the lowest possible rating (1 out of 10) in social maturity.

"In the section marked “Weaknesses,” the report predicted Hernandez might get along well with most of his teammates, but “will find very little time to help them.” His responses, it added, “suggest he enjoys living on the edge of acceptable behavior and that he may be prone to partying too much and doing questionable things that could be seen as a problem for him and his team.”"

HRT declined to reveal whether the Patriots were one of their clients or whether they had access to this specific report. Bill Polian, former Colts GM, said that his team was “not in the Hernandez business” and had removed him from their board.

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[photo via USA Today Sports Images]