Aaron Boone Loses His Mind, Imitates Umpire Laz Diaz During Epic Ejection

Aaron Boone was fed up with the strike zone.

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The New York Yankees' high expectations have manifested into possession of the American League cellar. In related news, Aaron Boone runs a bit hot and simply loves to be ejected from baseball games with regularity. Umpire Laz Diaz had an erratic night behind the dish on the South Side. Combine all those factors and you've got a stew going. One that boiled particularly hot and featured a very animated and upset pinstriped manager doing an impression and potentially creating the summer's most copied dance-floor move.

One one hand you have to respect Boone for standing up for his team. On the other, well, the whole ordeal has reeked of desperation lately. The Yankees have 49 games remaining and are 5.5 games out of the final Wild Card spot so they would need to play some spectacular ball after four-plus months of unspectacular efforts. Just as a general rule, if a person finds themselves in the below situation, they are not in control and things aren't going well. Boone looked like was aggressively trying to start his weed whacker for the 17th time even after thoroughly checking the carburetor for buildup.

Aaron Boone
New York Yankees v Chicago White Sox / Quinn Harris/GettyImages

“It’s on us to still break through,” Boone said after the game and a few hours to calm down. “We had our chances tonight. It’s not about the umpiring. We’ve got to capitalize.”

Those who are pushing for robot umpires should think long and hard about what the sport will lose. Irate managers looking to mock the calls will have to make some beep-bop-booping noises and move their arms all mechanically and it just won't have the same effect of channeling a human being's demonstrative strike three motion. And that will be sad.