A-Rod Allegedly Peed On His Cousin Yuri's Floor to Send a Message [UPDATE]

By Mike Cardillo

The winter of A-Rod is in full swing in the New York tabloids, who are on pace to print a story-per-day about the disgraced Yankees slugger. No matter what happens between now and spring training, The Daily News will be hard-pressed to top this lede from today:

"An “evil” Alex Rodriguez urinated on the floor of his cousin’s home to send a message and mark his territory, Yuri Sucart’s wife told the Daily News Thursday in an explosive interview."

If the “As the A-Rod Turns Saga” interests you, please do read the whole interview, which includes Carmen Sucart calling Rodriguez an “asshole” among other less-than-savory terms. All I can offer is the requisite clip from The Big Lebowski.

UPDATE: The Daily News amended its initial report of A-Rod urinating on the “floor” to the “wall.”

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