A-Rod Absolutely Crushed a Home Run Tonight vs. the Orioles


The Alex Rodriguez unplanned heel-face turn during the course of 2015 has, let’s admit, been fun to watch. A-Rod crushed his 20th home run of the season tonight, a no-doubter to the bleachers in left-center at Yankee Stadium which is always an impressive feat.

It’s another (cough, cough) milestone for Rodriguez, who moved into 24th place all-time with the hit, his 3,024th. The Yankees’ official Twitter account even mentioned it, something it wasn’t doing in Spring Training. See …

I’m not sure which of these two related items is more remarkable, that A-Rod is now mostly a fan favorite in the Bronx or that the Yankees are 52-41 with as little fanfare as possible. Thinking about it, it’s probably the latter. There are about dozen or so other topics in baseball swirling around that pop into your head before the first-place Yankees.

If there’s any lesson here, is that fans are always going to be forgiving … so long as you’re still able to contribute which  A-Rod’s shown throughout his return from his 200+ game suspension.

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[Feature image via USA Today Sports Images]