A Conversation With Mina Kimes About Her Career, NFL Draft, Sports Journalism


Mina Kimes from ESPN The Magazine, The Morning Roast, and various other platforms joins the podcast!

Mina discusses:

  • Going from business and investigative reporting to sports writing.
  • Biggest stories she worked on.
  • Unmasking Aaron Rodgers.
  • What is really going on with Rodgers?
  • Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski vs Bill Belichick.
  • Why there is so much heat on Lamar Jackson?
  • What to expect in the NFL Draft.
  • Was the Seahawks run a failure?
  • Does she cry when her team loses?
  • Game of Thrones.
  • Her hobbies.
  • Where she sees herself in five years.

Unfortunately, we did not get into why she is not a Warlock:

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