A Conversation With Mina Kimes About Her Career, NFL Draft, Sports Journalism

Bobby Burack

Mina Kimes from ESPN The Magazine, The Morning Roast, and various other platforms joins the podcast!

Mina discusses:

  • Going from business and investigative reporting to sports writing.
  • Biggest stories she worked on.
  • Unmasking Aaron Rodgers.
  • What is really going on with Rodgers?
  • Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski vs Bill Belichick.
  • Why there is so much heat on Lamar Jackson?
  • What to expect in the NFL Draft.
  • Was the Seahawks run a failure?
  • Does she cry when her team loses?
  • Game of Thrones.
  • Her hobbies.
  • Where she sees herself in five years.

Unfortunately, we did not get into why she is not a Warlock:

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