A Conversation with Michael Wilbon on the Future of PTI, His Career, the Business, and a Look Back


Michael Wilbon from PTI joins the podcast!

Topics include:

  • How he and Tony Kornheiser have lasted so long together.
  • Whether or not he would do PTI if Kornheiser retires. If so, who else would he do it with?
  • How sports are covered differently from when PTI launched to now.
  • Are new shows disingenuous with their opinions in hope for attention?
  • What is a “take”?
  • Does he care about click and views?
  • His thoughts on sports journalism today, and what sites he reads.
  • Is he interested in blogs?
  • How he gets his news as he does not get much of it from Twitter.
  • What would he tell someone who is just getting into the industry.
  • What he wants to do next in his career.
  • His favorite sport to watch.
  • Most influential person in his career.
  • A young sportscaster he is high on.
  • His thoughts on reporters now covering just one sport.
  • Is his beef with Stugotz personal? Yes, it sounds like it is real and personal.

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