A Conversation with Canelo Alvarez on Moving to DAZN, Mayweather, Jacobs, GGG, & More


Boxing’s biggest draw Canelo Alvarez joined me for a discussion ahead of his showdown vs. Daniel Jacobs May 4 on DAZN:

What are your thoughts on the two controversial judging decisions in your fights against Gennady “GGG” Golovkin?

Canelo: I respect their decisions. And, look, they are people that study and prepare themselves for what they are doing. I just have to prepare myself for what I am doing and to go in there and do my job in the ring.

How much of a priority is a third fight with GGG going forward?

Canelo: Look, the opportunity is there. If it’s there it happens. We are very open to it. Why not do a third fight? We have already done two good fights, why not do a third one? But if it doesn’t happen, it’s no big deal either. Because you know what we continue doing our history and writing our history and fighting the best fights out there.

You have one loss on your record against Floyd Mayweather back in 2013. Do you regret fighting him so early on in your career? 

Canelo: No, I don’t regret it at all. At that time, what happened, happened. I don’t take it as a defeat, I take it as an experience and I learned a lot from it.

Speaking of Floyd Mayweather, he is the pay-per-view king. You right now are the biggest draw in the sport. You have moved away from pay-per-view into the streaming business. As boxing’s number one attraction, how much of a responsibly do you feel is on your shoulders to show the new way of boxing is via an on-demand streaming service vs. pay-per-view?

Canelo: I take the responsibility very seriously. I am grateful I have this, yes, on my shoulders, this weight. But I also take it with a lot of hard work and responsibility to be opening these doors for others that are coming in the future. And to be opening new ways for the fans.

Did you have concerns about the pay-per-view model going forward and did that play a role in you choosing DAZN?

Canelo: No, you know what, things happen for a reason. One door closes another one opens. That is what happened with HBO leaving the boxing business, this happened. Things happen for a reason, and this happened. I am very grateful. One of the best moments of my career now.

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Let’s talk about your upcoming fight with Daniel Jacobs. Who I believe is the biggest challenge you can take on right now. 

Canelo: Precisely for that. Because I love challenges. You’re right, this is the biggest challenge at this moment.

How are you going to have to adjust your game plan and approach with Jacobs compared to that against GGG who is much different style-wise?

Canelo: Absolutely, he is a totally different, more complete fighter than Golovkin. That is why the strategy and adjustments have to be made and the work has to be followed by that.

How much has Oscar De La Hoya meant to your career?

Canelo: We are a team. We are a team, all of us together. You know what, it all goes hand and hand with all the hard work and everything. And as a team, it has meant a lot.

Would you ever consider taking on an MMA fighter in the boxing ring like Mayweather did with McGregor?

Canelo: You can never say never, but that is not something that’s crossed my mind right now.

Who is the one fighter that is now retired that you wish you could have faced off with?

Canelo: None.

Going forward, what you do feel you need to accomplish to justify your legacy? 

Canelo: I don’t think there is one specific thing or stamp I have to finally do. Just continue doing what I am doing, fighting the best fights, and writing history. Once the day comes and I retire, then hopefully, all that accumulation of what I have done puts it all together for a great career.

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