Reviewing 'A Christmas Story Christmas,' the True Sequel to 'A Christmas Story'

Ralphie /

In November, A Christmas Story Christmas was released on HBO Max. The true sequel to A Christmas Story (because we'd all be better off pretending 2012's A Christmas Story 2 doesn't exist) follows Ralphie as an adult with his own wife and family coping with the death of his father. Ralphie scrambles to make Christmas perfect for his own kids made for him while struggling to write his old man's eulogy. Shenanigans and warm feelings can be found in great quantity. Many beloved characters from the first movie make appearances with the original actors playing the parts.

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Liam McKeone and Ryan Phillips both grew up watching A Christmas Story and got together to discuss the sequel. It can't capture the magic of the first but comes as close as possible. Most importantly, it is not your typical transparent Hollywood attempt at a moneygrab by making a sequel to a beloved film.

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