Was This the Fastest Knockout in Women's Boxing History?

Seniesa Estrada
Seniesa Estrada / Tom Hogan/Getty Images

Seniesa Estrada knocked out Miranda Adkins on Friday night, throwing just seven punches in about three seconds. I am unsure what else to even say about this. Just look.

That... did no look like a fair fight! The DAZN broadcast barely had time to get the graphic on the screen showing what color the boxers' shorts were and Adkins was out on the canvas. It seems like it may be impossible to verify whether it

It officially goes down as a seven-second KO and some outlets are calling it the fastest knockout in women's boxing history. DAZN is only calling it "one of the fastest" KO's ever, which seems like a decent compromise.

Estrada is now 19-0 in her career, while Adkins drops to 5-1. To say this was a step up in competition for Adkins would be an understatement. According to BoxRec, the first five fights of Adkins career came against fighters who entered the fights with a combined record of... 0-1. She had fought four consecutive fighters making their debut and then her fifth fight was a title fight against the same person she had beaten in her previous fight.

Don't let that take away from Estrada's incredibly efficient and violent performance because it really was something to behold.