7-Year Old Cubs Fan Knocked Out and Taunted By Cleveland Indians Fans During World Series Game 1

Stephen Douglas

A Chicago Cubs fan took his 7-year old son to game 1 of the World Series in Cleveland. When Cleveland scored the first run, the place went nuts. The 7-year old took an elbow to the head which gave him a concussion. If you want to hear the details, the father went on a media tour trashing Cleveland. Including a radio spot. Here’s what happened after the accident. From NBC Chicago:

" “Fans were heckling him,” Wallach said. “Here I am on the ground with my 7-year-old son and they’re shouting, ‘Cubs suck.’” "

The father also retweeted these:

Look, the kid got seriously injured and spent a World Series game in the hospital, but these tweets and headlines make it sound like an assault and not just an accident where a kid got hurt in a wild celebration.

Is it possible Cleveland fans were heckling an injured little boy in Cubs gear? Yes. Did those fans have any idea what was going on? Who knows. The truth is probably somewhere in between.

The Cubs and Indians have both offered the family gifts and/or tickets and StubHub refunded half the money they paid for Game 1. Still, let’s not act like this couldn’t have happened in Chicago.

"“It was scary and confusing and awful and I felt like we were just hung out to dry,” he said. “You don’t see that in Chicago. I would never expect that in Chicago in a million years.” “I think I’m just used to the way Chicago fans act,” Wallach said. “Just kind of shocking.”"

Riiiight. Which part wouldn’t happen in Chicago? The rowdy fans? An accident? Not knowing how to navigate a city if you didn’t live there? Whatever. Again, I feel bad for the kid. He was an innocent caught up in a dangerous situation.

Luckily, a child is able to put this all in perspective.

"“The best thing about it is, he said, ‘Dad I still had a great time and I forgive the man who hit me,’” Wallach said. “From a little boy, that’s a great lesson for all of us.”"

I sincerely hope the kid makes a full recovery.