5th Grade CYO Team to Vacate Wins Because of Illegal Use of Girls


A 5th grade CYO basketball team in New Jersey will end its season early after it was determined that they could not have two girls on the team. The team in question has been together for 4-years according to NJ.com. The team was given the choice of forfeiting their remaining games or playing without the two girls. The team chose to stand with their teammates. It’s your classic tale of adults messing something up and kids doing something good. The worst part? They have to vacate all their wins.

Two weeks prior, the team was told by the league’s director that they should never have played as a coed team and the girls would not be allowed to play on the team for the last two games of the season. Parents said the team’s record was wiped, too, since the girls had played in those games “illegally.”

That’s right St. John’s from the JV black league has to vacate four seasons worth of wins because of illegal use of girls.