5 Trade Destinations for Odell Beckham Jr.


On Wednesday, Jay Glazer dropped the maybe-not-quite-a-bombshell that he predicts Odell Beckham Jr. will be traded from the New York Giants this offseason. Given the consistent tumult of his time there, this isn’t altogether surprising, but was nonetheless newsworthy. Here are some teams that make some sense for a fit:


This would, without a doubt, be the best fit from a blog content perspective. Baker Mayfield and Odell Beckham Jr. would have dozens of highlight reel connections, and probably also several combustible sideline shouting matches. Beckham opposite Jarvis Landry would be a formidable receiving corps — rekindling their time from when they were LSU teammates! — for a Browns team that all of a sudden has expectations of making the playoffs next season.


This will be Year 3 of the John Lynch/Kyle Shanahan era. While they get mulligans from the first year of the transition and then the second season where Jimmy Garroppolo got hurt, if they don’t make a splash this season the vultures could start to circle and wonder how long they need to engineer a turnaround. Tight end George Kittle was obviously a huge focal point in the offense, but after him the 49ers did not have anyone with 500 receiving yards.


This is also a little bit of a selfish content idea, but the rant that Mike Francesa delivers were this to happen would be off the charts. The Jets’ no. 3 overall pick would be a pretty high price to part with for Beckham so they’d probably need more in return, but it bears mentioning that the Giants would (or at least should) love to move up to that spot to land Eli Manning’s successor. The Jets have three years to strike with Sam Darnold on a rookie deal, and this move would get him a proven weapon.


The Broncos just made a splash on Wednesday, trading for Joe Flacco. While this may not be as solid a move as one pie-in-the-sky Denver sportswriter would have us believe, pairing Flacco with Beckham could maybe just maybe restore a sliver of the former’s quasi-eliteness.


The Dolphins don’t quite have their QB situation sorted out for 2019 — they’re expected to move on from Ryan Tannehill; whether they find their starter via draft or free agency remains to be determined — but their leading receivers were Danny Amendola and Kenny Stills, neither of whom is a true no. 1. The idea of Beckham in South Beach would scare me if I were team management, but they also could use a player who gets them some buzz.